What is Mechanical Design?

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Image result for autocad mechanical designWhat is Mechanical Design?

Design may be defined as the iterative decision making activity to create the plans by which resources are converted, preferably optimally into systems, processes or devices to perform the desired functions and to meet human needs.

Today we use three fields to create / develop a product from our imagination to real physical world which are further explained below.


CAD/CAE/CAM stands for Computer aided designing / Computer aided Engineering and Computer aided manufacturing. These are technologies not a software and group of techniques is called technology. So in CAD/CAE/CAM we use various techniques to develop any product with the help of computers and can experience there Pro & Cons before they are even build. In CAD/CAE/CAM several software’s are being used.

For example:-


To develop a product there is a process called Design Process.


The basic design process consists of the following Steps.


Creation starts from CAD. The creation Step Convert our thought into physical component. For this we can use any software which provide 3d modeling like Creo, CATIA, Solid works, NX, etc. Starting from 2d sketches then creating 3d models of different parts & then assembling them.


The activity eliminates the unnecessary expenses and features of the components in order to have a better product with least expenses.


This process came under CAE. By this activity we analyze the strength, functioning and other properties of the component. The aim is to develop a strong and smooth functioning component. For this we use Analysis Software. Like Ansys, Simufact, Simula, Abucus, etc.


By this activity we eliminate the limitation of the component found during analysis. These limitations are overcome by modifying the shape material or features of the component.


It is a process through which raw materials are transformed into a final product. It can be done by several operations like turning, milling, drilling. These operations can be done manually or by computers (CAM).

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

CAM is the use of different software’s to control the machine & machine tool for different operations on a work piece. CAM needs skilled professionals/ Engineers or Programmers to generate the tool path for the desired operation.

High speed machining and multi-function machining are the advantages of CAM. It can control multiple tools on machine.

Software’s used for CAM are CATIA, NX, Master CAM, CREO etc.


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